Sunday, November 30, 2008

SMS SPAM filtering?

Been there, done that. That's what you would hear if you are talking about SPAM filters for your e-mail. The other new area that I am constantly getting irritated about is the mobile SMS SPAM that make their way into my cell phone.

One way or the others, we inadvertently give away our mobile phone nos to the various dealers who pass on the same to bulk SMS generators. They in turn make it a point to enlighten you of the various offers that you should be thankful to spend your money on! Thank God I am not charged for incoming messages!

I know most providers like banks or the telecos provide a Do Not Call registry usually hidden away in the small-print. They abide by your request, but it is the other sources where you are forced to give away our number from where the main problem arises.

One thing that I noticed that most mobile phone lack is an active SPAM filter for your mobile phones that can scan your incoming SMSes and over a course of time, learn from you, on what you regard as SPAM and what are valid message. This algorithm of scanning the frequency of words that makeup an SMS and classifying them based on your inputs as one of 'possible SPAM', neutral or 'likely a valid SMS' is called the Bayesian SPAM filtering.

Looking at the Java MIDP API, I could not find any way by which I can intercept or takeover the built-in SMS application. However, from the forums, the friendly folks at Nokia informed that it might be possible using the C++ SDK.

So, my next possible app would be to try on the feat before which there might be a few simple applications to hone my skills on the S60 API. Check out the source forge project mymobiletools shortly for simple apps that might enhance your experience with your mobile.

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Shoban Jayaraj said...

From the Symbian site, it looks like though it is possible to register to intercept SMS messages, it is forwarded to the first app that had registered, which is always the default SMS app on your mobile phone. This means that your newer app will never get a chance to intercept any SMS messages.