Sunday, August 09, 2009

50% off - Bah, humbug!

I had to do some shopping and was lured into a some of these shops by their big bold 'off' posters.
But alas, once inside, anything that I touch, the salesman utters "Sorry sir, but that does not have the discount". Not to be out-done, I ask "So what do you have on the discount sale?". He points to a table where there are a 'few' set of shirts that no one would pick up, in violet and pink and fluorescent green. But their prices seems to be barely justifiable even 'after' you apply the discount.

Note size of the '50%' and 'Sale' on the poster, where I think the entire wares on discount would comfortably fit in and you will still be able to make out what the poster says. Perhaps there should be some legalization on the size of the '50%' that you can have on the poster to depend upon the number of articles you have on a discount compared to the remaining items.

In the end, you end up buying the product at the same price you would have bought on any other normal day, but with the rush of eager shoppers, few choices and sub-par merchandise.

A+: Recommended visit if you have money to burn and love violets, pinks and fluorescent greens!