Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy (Internet free) Christmas!

Merry Christmas wishes to one and all!

In other news, the partial Internet free days make me ponder on reliant we have become on these series of 'tubes' that send and receive data from various servers. This brings in light of the hassles that you may face when you become fully attached to online applications.

My e-mail provider provides LDAP and is online-only. You have a plethora of online-apps that provide basic word-processing, do your taxes, view pictures and store presentations etc. If you have the cable cut, you loose access to everything.

Telephone and credit card companies are urging their users to move online, to receive bills and statement alerts via e-mail rather than the traditional mail in the pretext of accessibility and saving the environment. I'm not against saving the environment, but most of us are moving towards a system where there is only one way to get informed about the various activities in life and if this one way gets disrupted, I wonder what would happen as it would take days or months to get back to the regular, good old reliable snail mail.

PS: Save your stamp collection. Some day, it would fetch million$!