Friday, July 04, 2008

It's bright and sunny at Chennai, but the fuel queue is long

All at Tamil Nadu would have faced the spurts of acute fuel shortage and chances are, you too, like me had spent some time on the queue waiting to fill your tank. The last few days had been 'exciting' looking out for every fuel station on the way to see a line of already queued vehicles waiting for the fuel tanker to arrive. The recent fuel hike just added to the woes.

We are accustomed to travel long distances, and imagine if for a week or two, the fuel tanker fails to arrive? A tank full of fuel may sustain you for a few days, but after that, you are left with your own foot (or other animals) for travel.

Public transport (fuel driven) will not function and as traveling by foot would be difficult to span the distance that we once used to travel in mere minutes. Bicycles will be in great demand and possibly, we would start considering bullock-carts and horse riding.

But, somehow, solar energy does not seem to be exploited by us, being in a very sunny place. Perhaps this free / cheap energy source that has been neglected for so long would see a spurt of new advancements to make fast fuel-less (Petrol / Diesel) travel a thing of the past.