Sunday, December 30, 2007

Battle of Wesnoth

Been on the lookout for a free turn based strategy game and chanced upon the Battle of Wesnoth. Despite it being an open source game (meaning, you get the source), it was incredibly polished akin to any of the other turn based strategy game (Alpha Centauri), be it the background score or the graphics or the tutorials.

The game itself is set in a period similar to the D&D or nethack era. For the film buffs, if you have read or seen the Lord of the Rings, you would probably be able to relate to the clans that populate the game world.

The game play, as with any turn based strategy game requires background information on each of the units that you own, their strengths and weaknesses and a lot of planning (a kin to chess, but with a lot more parameters) where factors like day - night cycles are taken into account (e.g, humans fight well during the day, but the orcs are better during the night).

It is encouraged to keep your older units as they gain experience and become more valuable as compared to an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game where you will be constantly manufacturing new units and would not care about your older units as the newer one are more advanced (due to technological breakthroughs).

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this OSS game and would definitely recommend you give it a try.