Saturday, November 22, 2008

CD-less Car Audio Systems

The new Honday City comes with an audio player that takes your portable player, collections of memory or USB sticks. Though a good option that gives flexibility allowing you to carry your music and listen to all of them, the minus point is, they now lack a CD player.

I see this as a disadvantage. Guess where I will play a newly purchased CD? In my car, on my way back home! The same goes for CDs purchased during a long trip. I might not have my laptop handy to rip and transfer songs on the go.

The music download scenario currently in India is not good either. Amazon and iTunes do not offer song downloads here. So, purchasing online music which is likely to happen during your home or office are not it atleast in India.

With these audio system, I will have to hold on until I reach home, rip the songs, copy them to my USB stick and only then, I will be able to listen to them in my car. Though most cars offer to add a CD as an option, for the cost, I feel this should be standard.

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