Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dynamic Math Question Paper

If you have kids who are into schooling, now would be the time when you are revising their knowledge for the upcoming mid-term and half-yearly exams.

A good way to check up on your kid's (and your) math skills is to setup up a question paper. Unfortunately, kids have good memory power that you can't reuse the same maths question paper. Otherwise, you would see them breeze through the QP as they tend to 'remember' most of the answers.

The alternative is to have multiple QPs. But that is a pain and I had been thinking of coming up with a simple script or software (TeX) to generate the QP dynamically.

The final solution was much simpler. Use Excel or Open-office Calc (in my case) to dynamically generate the question paper. The key is, for each of the question, have a bunch of random numbers (to your specifications) generated so that you can construct the parts required for your sum and generate multiple versions of the question paper by recalculating the workbook.

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