Thursday, January 08, 2009

All time low for IT

It's unfortunate to see such a big corporation fall down in light of the scam announced yesterday. Share prices of the listed script dropped down from Rs.170 to Rs.35 in the NSE in a matter of hours and the entire IT industry was watching the news unfurl dumbstruck. The fate of 52,000 employees and their families hang and hopefully, the company must either build back the trust of the share holders and its employees or the employees should be is a position to secure jobs in other companies. Only time will tell...

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Shoban Jayaraj said...

One of my older colleague and friend Sivabalarajan had fwded this message to our alumni group. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but is a good read:

--- x ---

Dear All,

I (Satyam Employee) am deputed at client location and came across a very
interesting conversation in cafeteria yesterday. One of my co-worker,
also deputed with the same client through some lesser known two room
company, mustered guts to ask me sarcastically in front of entire team,
"So, Satyam is gone! What are you guys planning to do now?" In normal
circumstances, I have a habit to not to reply to lose talks, but in
front of entire team.... I thought I need to fix this guy's thought
process. I asked him, as my military training has imbibed in me the
habit to fight till last breadth, "Who says Satyam is gone when I am
very much alive here and committed to create value on behalf of my
company?". He shot back, "Hello Mr., your chairman has resigned, you
guys are facing financial turbulence and you still have a face to say
that Satyam is not gone!"

At this juncture, I thought of replying to this guy in his own language.
I asked him, "Tell me, what will you do and where will you go if our
country India was not there?" He was not prepared for this level of
thought and asked back, "What a stupid question, How can India be gone,
it is a country?" I asked him back, "Country! What makes a country?
Land? Economy? Our Prime Minister? Our President? Our Geography? Or the
PEOPLE? If our PM resigns, will you say India is gone? If our economy
faces a slowdown, will you say India is gone? But yes, if the people of
a country are lost for any reason, we will say that country has no
meaning. Who cares of vast land of Antarctica today which has just one
permanent resident, Father Georgy? Which country does it belongs to? Why
does not it has any government? Why does not it has any economy? Or, how
many countries were there when humans used to hunt for food in
pre-historic times? Countries, Wealth, Infrastructures and booming
economies are nothing but creations of efforts of PEOPLE, and they do
not have any existence on their own. And the final blow was, "When one
man can create Satyam as an organization of 53,000 people, why not
53,000 committed people can rebuild one SATYAM?"

By now, I saw my point was well placed and he stood up and shook hands
with me and murmured, "Yaar, when I used to hear from my roommate who
work in Satyam that EVERY SATYAMITE IS A LEADER, I used to laugh it off.
Now, I know why! "

Thanks & Regards,