Friday, June 01, 2007

Helmet and seat-belt mandated at TN

Today morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see most bikers (along with pillion riders) traveling with their helmets on as TN geared itself from the 1st of June to make it mandatory to wear helmets for bikers and seat belts (for the front seat passengers) for car commuters.

The FM radio RJs had been conducting on-the-road commentaries, catching helmet-less riders seeking justification on why they had not yet acquired one (the helmet) yet. The shamed few who got caught eventually were presented with a helmet.

One the way (near Tirumangalam), I couldn't help notice people flocking near put-up helmet shops on the sidewalks, trying to acquire the license to ride a bike!

Let's hope the momentum carries on...

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Shoban Jayaraj said...

But as of now, the initiative seems to have become a little bit relaxed.