Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Quest

The quest for a free UML tool has been going on for the past few years until I chanced upon StarUML. Capable, with support for UML 2.0 constructs except Timing Diagrams, this is a good tool compared to others like ArgoUML.

StarUML is developed using Delphi and is COM compliant so that plugins exist to extend the existing framework to support or provide configurability.

The base installation supports document generation and well as rudimentary reverse engineering support. I tried reverse engineering a few C# code and only a few classes were imported. This being an open source project, there is no stopping you from acquiring the source and fixing any open issues and submitting a patch.

The UI is snappy and unlike other tools that are over 250 MB in size, this is 1/10 in comparison. A great tool for quick modeling.

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