Thursday, April 03, 2008

Visual Studio - tread safely

Wizards - A slowdown to productivity?

Had a chance to write a few small apps in C# using the IDE. One thing that felt a bit daunted was the amount of code that is being generated automatically specifically with the GUI initialization code and the resx files.

Intellisence? Not for the 'declare later' group

The second is how intellisence interferes with your code. If you use a variable without declaring it (say in a for loop), intellisence inserts the nearest matching class or type name or variable in code, which I have to backtrack to remove and the go back and declare the variable and then specify that in my loop.

The mystic resx files

Whenever you start including images or other resources, they get compiled as a resx file which is xml file with the binary data embedded into it (using base64 encoding?). Though I have included the core resource files in the project, the resx files becomes difficult to manage, especially when multiple members are working on a project where it gets difficult to trace the changes made by someone else.

So, you've got your own quips about the IDE? Share them as comments in my blog...

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