Saturday, May 17, 2008

Been always for the lookout for good games to play on my cellphone on those days where you do not have anything else to do, but had always ended up with sub-par free games or those that require you to cough up dough out of your wallet.

The other day, when I was checking out my long used collection of games, I stumbled upon a few LucasArts DOS based games. Looking up the internet, I found ScummVM, a virtual machine capable of playing LucasArts games which has been ported to almost all different types of OSes like Linux, Windows, Symbian OS etc. So, I had been able to download and install ScummVM and a couple of free games.

You eventually get a mouse pointer which you can control using the directional keys to perform various in-game actions. Though a little cumbersome, if you have time to wile away, ScummVM is work a try.

Free games to try are:
  • Beneath the Steel Sky
  • The flight of the Amazon Queen

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