Friday, November 23, 2007

Call me an old timer
With new fangled ASP.NET, high end IDEs, wizards and code generators, the learning curve is high compared to the older times where a simple web based application can be created in a matter of minutes with PHP and MySQL.

VS2005 takes web development to a new paradigm, where you follow the model of a regular GUI application development. You add event handers to the various 'controls' in your ASP.NET project. It is usually not very visible on what happens then. Some times, your validation logic that you had attached executes on the client side, and sometimes on the sever side based on the browser capabilities. This results in complication.

At-least this is what I gather on my first attempt to learn ASP.NET. This is in addition to evaluating Ruby on rails, PHP, Perl from which I will be deciding on one to suite my needs.

How I wish for the older days where a plain old server side script just simply executed on only the, well, server!

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